Major Upset! Devidze Knocks Off Waters in Women's Singles Semis

In a thrilling semi-final match at the CIBC Texas Open Powered by TIXR, Salome Devidze (4 seed) pulled off a stunning upset, defeating the previously undefeated Anna Leigh Waters, the world’s top-ranked woman in pickleball. The final score was 8-11, 11-5, 11-7. This marks Water’s first loss of the entire 2024 season on the pro pickleball court. 

Devidze overcame challenging weather conditions, including wind and rain, to secure the victory. Despite struggling with hand cramps and pain, she persevered, adapting her game to outmaneuver Waters. The match was a testament to Devidze’s mental toughness and determination.

“The weather was tough. [Waters] plays incredible, and it was rough conditions. My hand was cramping really bad, and I was in a lot of pain,” said Devidze in a post-match interview. “But it’s one point at a time. I said to myself that if I’m tired, she must be tired too.”

Devidze’s strategic approach to the game proved to be the key to her success. She has been working on varying her shots, using spin and angles to roll the ball, rather than just hitting it hard. This new approach seems to be paying off, as she advances to the championship match against Lea Jansen (3 seed) on Sunday.

“I’ve been working on not hitting every ball as hard as I possibly can – even though it feels incredible when I do,” Devidze shared. “I wanted to roll it, spin it, and work angles whenever I go in the middle.”

Devidze’s victory marks a significant milestone in her career, as she seeks to win her second gold medal of the year in singles. She previously won gold at the Pickleball Central Minnesota Indoor USA Championships.

The stage is now set for an exciting Championship Sunday, as Devidze faces off against Jansen. Will Devidze’s new strategy and mental toughness be enough to secure her second gold medal of the year? The pickleball community is eagerly awaiting the outcome.

Championship Match Details:

  • Date: Sunday, June 2, 2024
  • Opponent: Lea Jansen (3 seed)
  • Event: CIBC Texas Open Powered by TIXR
  • Location: ROCKWALL, TX

Stay tuned for updates on the championship match!