Bar, Wright down Johns bros to make men’s doubles final

Matt Wright has once again defeated Ben and Collin Johns in the semifinals, a feat he previously achieved with Federico Staksrud in Atlanta. This time, partnering with Dekel Bar in Texas, the No. 4 seeds emerged victorious with a score of 11-7, 11-9 against the top-seeded brothers.

Wright praised his partner’s strengths, saying, “I like Dekel’s power and length. I think it’s tough for teams to get in against us sometimes on the drop because we are both tall, and we can both create off of the fourth ball.” Bar’s height and reach proved to be a significant advantage, particularly in Game 2.

Bar’s effective use of “ernes” on the left side disrupted the Johns brothers’ usual playing style, which relies heavily on precise dinking patterns. When asked about his strategy, Bar explained, “Looking for patterns and identifying what the other team likes to do and when they’re gonna hit the ball to that area is key. It just comes down to timing and anticipating your opponents’ shots.”

The successful partnership between Wright and Bar has earned them a spot in the championship match on Sunday, where they will face off against the No. 2 seeds, JW Johnson and Dylan Frazier.