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Do you love the sun, sand, and a little friendly competition? If so, pickleball on the beach might be your new favorite game! Picture this: a beautiful beach backdrop, toes in the warm sand, and laughter filling the air as you engage in an exciting pickleball match. 

A combination of tennis, badminton, and ping pong takes the world by storm. This blog post will explore everything you need about playing pickleball on the beach. From how to set up your court to frequently asked questions, get ready for some fun in the sun with this addictive sport! So grab your paddle and dive into all things pickleball on the beach!

Can You Play Pickleball On The Beach?

Pickleball is a fast-paced paddle sport that combines tennis, badminton, and ping pong elements. It’s played on a smaller court than traditional tennis, requiring a unique pickleball paddle and a plastic ball with holes.

You can still play on the beach with some rule adjustments. The answer is probably yes. However, you can play this sport at the beach due to the material of the court rather than the location itself. This is because the beaches are covered with sand, which prevents the plastic ball from bouncing.

However, you can still play the sport if the venue includes a distinct playing area with a support surface for the ball to bounce or a dedicated basketball or tennis court. 

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Playing  Pickleball Game On The Beach Pros And Cons 


Have the fun of your life: travel through breathtaking countryside and get close to nature.

Thanks to the sun’s UV rays: it helps the body generate vitamin D, which is important in developing bones, blood cells, and the immune system.

Reduce musculoskeletal structural damage: The soft, smooth sand surface decreases the reactivity of the impact surface and the impact shock wave.

Betterment of the immune system: Fresh air, sunshine, and gorgeous landscape are all aspects that help your immune system repair and improve.


Accessibility: Not all beaches have the necessary infrastructure or space to accommodate pickleball play, limiting the options available.

Injuries that are easily acquired: Small things, such as shells, snails, rocks, and so on, being confused in the sand, or falling off balance.

Sunburned and dazzled eyes: During the game, the sunshine might briefly hinder your eyes, especially when catching the ball. Furthermore, your skin may become sunburned if you play in the sun without protection.

Equipment Maintenance: Sand and saltwater can damage pickleball equipment over time, requiring more diligent care and cleaning.

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How To Play Pickleball On The Beach? Requirement 

Professional pickleball is not played on the beach. However, people do not want to give up pickleball or leave the beach. As a result, they modify the rules and start to play.

Taking a few measures when playing pickleball is vital to ensure a safe and enjoyable game. Here are some recommendations and safety precautions for beach pickleball. You must attend to the following.

Choose a flat and firm area for beach pickleball.

Choosing a flat, rugged area of sand is critical to ensure that the ball bounces correctly and consistently. A sturdy surface will also provide you with good traction, preventing you from slipping and falling. 

Draw The Boundaries

Occasionally, the available space by the seaside might not be suitable for a complete pickleball court setup. You can appropriately modify the dimensions to match the chosen area in such cases. Singles matches should be 13.6 x 16 feet (4.1 x 4.8m), and doubles matches should be 16.8 x 18 feet (5.1 x 5.5 m). Regarding the Non-Volley zone, often known as the “Kitchen,” each side should be 5 feet away from the net.

Choose Suitable Equipment

Specially designed equipment tailored for outdoor pickleball is well-suited for beach play due to its lateral movement capability and adaptability to varying weather conditions.

To begin setting up the net is the first step. While the standard height is 6 feet, playing on uneven sandy surfaces requires adjustments. Typically, you’ll want to approximate the tallest player’s height for the net placement. Additionally, opting for a portable net system that’s easy to install and move is advisable.

a beach with orange pickleballs with paddle on the beach sand

Secondly, when playing on beach terrain, it’s recommended to use outdoor pickleball equipment. This gear boasts a lightweight and thin construction that offers resilience against weather-related wear and tear, including sand and other debris impacts.

Furthermore, when choosing footwear, opting for sneakers with excellent grip and waterproof features instead of flip-flops or sandals is best. This shoe helps prevent slips and falls, providing better protection for your feet, especially if you miss a step and find yourself buried in the sand.

Modify The Rules

The yielding nature of the sandy surface needs to provide adequate control over the ball’s bounce. Thus, adapting the rules to align with the prevailing conditions and context becomes necessary. For instance, serving volleys exclusively rather than drop shots could be implemented. It becomes imperative to maintain continuous ball movement without allowing it to land in “The Kitchen” during serves.

As per the guidelines of USA Pickleball, a game traditionally concludes when one side accumulates 11, 15, or 21 points, however, to create shorter matches and ensure a minimum gap of 2 points from the opponent, the point requirement could be lowered to 7.

Beach Wear

Most people will dress appropriately for the occasion when playing any beach game. While this works effectively for particular simpler games like beach volleyball or badminton, it does not function as well for pickleball. You must not only dress appropriately, but you must also wear shoes with sufficient support.

If you want to play pickleball at the beach, you can wear a bathing suit and a shirt, but selecting garments that will not cause problems or malfunction during the game is ideal. Applying sunscreen to exposed skin is also crucial because you’ll be in the sun for so long.

Keep Sand Away From Your Equipment

It is critical to keep sand away from your equipment. Store your equipment in a beach bag or container rather than on the sand. After the game, rinse your gear with clean water to remove sand or particles.

With these suggestions and safeguards in mind, playing pickleball on the beach can be a fun and pleasurable experience. Have fun while remaining safe.

Important Safety Measures to Consider When Playing Pickleball on the Beach

The sandy beach surface is different from the typical playing field for this sport. Hence there are several precautions you should take into consideration:

Stay attentive to the tide schedules: Certain beaches experience rapid changes in water levels, so it’s important to avoid playing too close to the water’s edge.

Prioritize skin and eye protection: Wear a hat, sunglasses, apply sunscreen, or consider putting on a lightweight anorak jacket.

Essential Precautions for Playing Beach Pickleball: Before engaging in any coastal activity, wear sunglasses, sunscreen, and a lightweight jacket.

Prevent dehydration: Stay hydrated by replenishing fluids after each round, whenever you’re thirsty, and particularly if you’re sweating heavily.

Opt for comfortable footwear: Choose sneakers or similar shoes to safeguard your feet and minimize the risk of injuries caused by small objects.

Other Beach-Friendly Games to Enjoy Instead of Pickleball

In addition to pickleball, there are a variety of other beach sports to enjoy. Volleyball, frisbee, and football are among the most popular options. These games are simple to implement in this context, need little equipment, can accommodate many participants, and are suitable for spending time with family and friends.

If you have rackets and want to do anything while relaxing on the beach, badminton is a great option. It does not require bouncing because it employs birdies instead of balls. Volleyball is different, although you can easily play on the beach. You only need a ball, a net, and at least two people to play on any surface. No bouncing is required, and it is still a highly competitive game that is enjoyable to play with parties of any size.

Paddleball is another game you can play. Set up the net and knock the ball back and forth without letting it contact the ground. 

Playing beach tennis is another option. It follows the same rules as traditional tennis, except you strike it directly instead of allowing the ball to bounce. You cannot put your racquet over the net or reach over it, as in traditional tennis. When playing as a team, you do not hit the ball to your teammate; there is a one-hit-per-point rule.  Pickleball and beach tennis are similar sports.

Pickleball leagues in the USA 

There are a few Pickleball organizations and leagues, some of which focus on beach play.

A continuing Pickleball group meets in Delray Beach, Florida; the details are here.

You can locate a group that meets to teach and play in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. They supply paddles and instruct beginners.

This website has a lot of locations to play in California on the West Coast.

You can find tournaments and championships hosted throughout the United States by visiting the official website of the USA Pickleball organization.

What surface can you play pickleball on?

According to the USA Pickleball Rulebook, it’s recommended to have a playing area that’s at least 30 feet wide and 60 feet long to ensure safe gameplay. Similar to tennis, pickleball courts are commonly constructed using either concrete or asphalt surfaces. However, there’s a growing trend towards using clay and grass surfaces for these courts.

Is beach pickleball suitable for beginners?

Yes, beach pickleball can be enjoyed by players of all skill levels, including beginners.

Are the rules of beach pickleball different from regular pickleball?

Some minor rule adjustments might apply to accommodate the beach environment, but the core rules remain similar.

What type of footwear is best for beach pickleball?

Footwear with good sand traction, such as specialized beach sports shoes, is ideal.