Collin Shick and Brooke Buckner competing at the Veolia Austin Open powered by Invited

In Lakeway, Texas, What an upset‼️ #26 Buckner & Shick take down the #6 seeded Parenteau & Sock 11-6, 12-10.

Remarkably, within hours, they found themselves advancing to the Round of 16 after defecting the No. 6 seeds, Catherine Parenteau and Jack Sock. Buckner and Collin Shick won 11-6, 12-10 on Humana Championship Court, utilizing their drive-and-crash strategies.

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Game: 1

Buckner & Shick have made an impressive start by breaking Parenteau & Sock’s serve early. This would put them on the front foot and give them control of the game’s rhythm. they win this game with 11-6 points.

Game: 2

Parenteau & Sock played a bit well in the second game but Buckner & Shick overcame this also with their drive-and-crash playing strategy. they win this game with 12-10.

The wind turned into a weapon for some teams on Friday. Buckner and Shick mastered this strategy, exploiting the unpredictable nature of the breeze.

Shick explained while talking with Pickleball TV, “When the wind is against you, you have to be super accurate to hit the net. And when the wind is with you, you can’t hit the ball too hard. By avoiding these mistakes, we create chances to attack and put more pressure on the other team.”

Next on the schedule for the No. 26 seeds is a Round of 16 match against the No. 12 seeds, Meghan Dizon and Gabriel Tardio, stay tuned with us for more.

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