The MLP Challenger Level Draft starts on Wednesday, April 3, at 6 p.m. ET. The ten Challenger Level teams completed their 2024 season rosters through a four-round, snake-format draft. The ATX Pickleballers and Milwaukee Mashers franchises decided not to operate this year and were acquired by the newly established United Pickleball Association (UPA). The draft order for the Challenger teams was randomly determined, with teams selecting in sequence from 1 to 10 in Rounds 1 and 3 and in reverse order, from 10 to 1 in Rounds 2 and 4. The results from the 2024 MLP Challenger Level draft are written below.

Key Points During Trade:

  • Before the Draft’s commencement, the Miami Pickleball Club acquired picks #9 and #12 from the Bay Area Breakers by trading picks #3 and #18.
  • During the trade in round 3, the Atlanta Bouncers acquired picks #24 and #37 from the Brooklyn Aces in exchange for picks #26 and #35.

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Challenger Level 2024 drafted rosters, broken down by team (* denotes pick slot was acquired in a trade):

TeamPlayer #1Player #2Player #3Player #4
ATLJaume Martinez Vich (4)Genie Erokhina (17)Todd Fought (26*)Angela Walker (35*)
BAYVivian Glozman (3*)Collin Shick (18)Rachel Rettger (29)Patrick Kawka (32)
BRKLina Padegimaite (6)Daniel De La Rosa (15)Martin Emmrich (24*)Layne Sleeth (37*)
CALRafa Hewett (10)DJ Young (11)Amanda Hendry (30)Emily Ackerman (31)
CHIJack Munro (2)Allison Harris (19)Kelsey Grambeau (22)Brendon Long (39)
FLTravis Rettenmaier (5)Tammy Emmrich (16)Pat Smith (25)Martina Frantova (36)
FRIEwa Radzikowska (1)John Cincola (20)Stefan Auvergne (21)Alli Phillips (40)
LVChao Yi Wang (8)Judit Castillo Gargallo (13)Mo Alhouni (28)Anderson Scarpa (33)
MIAMilan Rane (9*)Rianna Valdes (12*)Roscoe Bellamy (23)Eric Oncins (38)
SoCalIrina Tereschenko (7)Erik Lange (14)Christine Maddox (27)Max Manthou (34)

Follow the MLP Pickleball official website for more updates regarding the upcoming season. MLP’s 2024 season schedule will begin with MLP Atlanta, May 9-12.

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