Excited to announce the launch of ML ® PREMIER by MARGARITAVILLE for the 2024 season! Stay tuned for the draft details

Discover the exciting results of the 2024 MLP Premier level draft, where the top pickleball teams build their rosters for the season. In a unique bidding process, teams vie for draft positions to select the best players. Stay updated on the latest picks, surprises, and strategies that unfolded during this highly anticipated event.

1Seattle PioneersBen Johns
2NJ 5sAnna Leigh Waters
3St. Louis ShockAnna Bright
4Columbus SlidersRiley Newman
5AZ DriveAndrei Daescu
6NY HustlersJack Sock
7Texas RanchersChristian Alshon
8D.C. Pickleball TeamJames Ignatowich
9LA Mad DropsCatherine Parenteau
10LA Mad DropsThomas Wilson
11Orlando SqueezeFederico Staksrud
12Dallas Pickleball ClubJW Johnson
13AZ DriveDylan Frazier
14D.C. Pickleball TeamRachel Rohrabacher
15Texas RanchersEtta Wright
16NY HustlersJackie Kawamoto
17Dallas Pickleball ClubJorja Johnson
18Columbus SlidersMeghan Dizon
19Utah Black DiamondsTyson McGuffin
20Orlando SqueezeVivienne David
21St. Louis ShockHayden Patriquin
22NJ 5sZane Navratil
23Dallas Pickleball ClubHurricane Tyra Black
24St. Louis ShockGabe Tardio
25Orlando SqueezeParris Todd
26LA Mad DropsJade Kawamoto
27Utah Black DiamondsCallie Smith
28NY HustlersLea Jansen
29D.C. Pickleball TeamDekel Bar
30Texas RanchersTina Pisnik
31Columbus SlidersConnor Garnett
32Orlando SqueezeJay Devilliers
33NJ 5sMari Humberg
34AZ DriveLacy Schneemann
35AZ DriveKaitlyn Christian
36Utah Black DiamondsTyler Loong
37NJ 5sWill Howells
38Dallas Pickleball ClubAugustus Ge
39LA Mad DropsHunter Johnson
40D.C. Pickleball TeamAllyce Jones
41Texas RanchersPablo Tellez
42St. Louis ShockKate Fahey
43Seattle PioneersAndrea Koop
44Seattle PioneersJessie Irvine
45Columbus SlidersBrooke Buckner
46NY HustlersCJ Klinger
47Seattle PioneersCollin Johns
48Utah Black DiamondsAlix Truong

MLP Premier Level 2024 drafted rosters, broken down by team:

TeamPlayer #1Player #2Player #3Player #4
AZAndrei Daescu (5)Dylan Frazier (13)Lacy Schneemann (34)Kaitlyn Christian (35)
COLRiley Newman (4)Meghan Dizon (18)Connor Garnett (31)Brooke Buckner (45)
DALJW Johnson (12)Jorja Johnson (17)Hurricane Tyra Black (23)Augustus Ge (38)
D.C.James Ignatowich (8)Rachel Rohrabacher (14)Dekel Bar (29)Allyce Jones (40)
LACatherine Parenteau (9)Thomas Wilson (10)Jade Kawamoto (26)Hunter Johnson (39)
NJAnna Leigh Waters (2)Zane Navratil (22)Mari Humberg (33)Will Howells (37)
NYJack Sock (6)Jackie Kawamoto (16)Lea Jansen (28)CJ Klinger (46)
ORLFederico Staksrud (11)Vivienne David (20)Parris Todd (25)Jay Devilliers (32)
SEABen Johns (1)Andrea Koop (43)Jessie Irvine (44)Collin Johns (47)
STLAnna Bright (3)Hayden Patriquin (21)Gabe Tardio (24)Kate Fahey (42)
TEXChristian Alshon (7)Etta Wright (15)Tina Pisnik (30)Pablo Tellez (41)
UTATyson McGuffin (19)Callie Smith (27)Tyler Loong (36)Alix Truong (48)

The four-round, snake-style 2024 Challenger Level Draft will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, April 3. Draft results will be shared in real-time on MLP official website. Follow the action live on the official MLP website or the social media platform of the MLP or PPA tour for the latest updates. Twelve teams will choose 72 players to play in the upcoming season in a snake-style draft.

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