Decoding the Paddle of a Champion: Anna Leigh Waters' Pickleball Weapon

Anna Leigh Waters – Known for her aggressive playing style and powerful serve

Paddletek Bantam ALW-C (her signature paddle)

Why Anna Leigh Waters Chooses This Paddle Click Below to Read the Complete Review of the Paddle

Paddle Performance and Advantages  – Versatile Power and Spin – Enhanced Honeycomb Core – High-Density Carbon Fiber Face – Large Sweet Spot

Is the ALW-C Right for You?

Is the ALW-C Right for You?

Unleash Power with Every Swing

PT-700 Raw Carbon Fiber Face  Polymer Honeycomb Core

Beyond the Paddle: Training and Technique

Alternatives to the ALW-C Paddle – Paddletek Bantam TS-5 (lighter and faster) – Paddletek Phoenix ALW (wider sweet spot)


– Choosing the right paddle can enhance your game – Dedication to training and improvement is essential