Pickleball Hub:

 APP establishes the first permanent HQ and training center at The Fort in Fort Lauderdale, featuring 43 courts and a unique stadium.

Inclusive Community:

The Fort goes beyond a club, fostering a community hub embodying South Florida living for all pickleball enthusiasts.

Strategic Partnership:

APP aligns with The Fort to elevate pickleball, offering a comprehensive program with international tournaments, player development, and global opportunities.

Premier Facilities:

The Fort boasts 43 professional courts, a weatherproof stadium, and top-notch amenities, opening in time for the 2024 season's final Major.

Pickleball Capital:

Fort Lauderdale and Miami-Fort Lauderdale boast one of the world's strongest pickleball communities, with 20% of Florida's players.

Market Presence:

The Miami-Fort Lauderdale area is the nation's fourth-largest pickleball market, as per APP's 2023 player participation research.

Ongoing Events:

APP currently hosts the Punta Gorda Open, welcoming 1,200+ players, with details on future events available at theapp.global.

Global Talent Development:

 The partnership focuses on player growth through junior development, high-performance training, and opportunities for aspiring players worldwide.

Central Location:

 The Fort's strategic location near the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and Snyder Park enhances its appeal as a pickleball destination.

Comprehensive Experience:

The Fort not only provides a top-notch playing experience with premier facilities but also offers a blend of social and culinary delights, embodying the South Florida lifestyle.

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