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 Anna Leigh Waters showcases singles dominance again

By Top Pickleball Needs

 Feb 24, 2024 

8.  Despite a slow start in both games, Waters secured a convincing 11-5, 11-3 victory over third-seeded Lea Jansen in the semifinals.

7.  Despite the win, Waters admitted to slow starts in both games, quickly falling behind by a few points.

6. Waters acknowledged her tendency for slow starts and emphasized the importance of quickly regaining momentum.

5. She enjoys competing against Jansen, highlighting their six-year rivalry that began when Waters was only 11 years old.

4. The playing conditions suited Waters' style, allowing her to hit flatter, more penetrating shots.

3. Waters showcased a new running serve during the match, but emphasized it's still under development.

2. She uses the running serve strategically, avoiding it in high-pressure situations.

1. Waters is a veteran of Championship Sundays, consistently performing well on the biggest stage.