Waters and Johns Dominate Mixed Doubles Pro Main Draw

Anna Leigh Waters and Benjamin Johns secured a convincing victory over Vivienne David and Thomas Wilson in the PPA Tour’s North Carolina Cup Mixed Doubles Pro Main Draw semi-finals. The final score was 11-3, 11-5, showcasing Waters and Johns’ exceptional teamwork and strategic dominance.

Waters and Johns Dominate First Game

Anna Leigh Waters and Johns started strong, taking control of the first game. They built a commanding 8-3 lead before securing the game 11-3. Despite a timeout by David and Wilson at 3-0, Waters and Johns continued their momentum, showcasing exceptional teamwork and powerful volleys.

Second Game Sees Tight Competition

David and Wilson started stronger in the second game, keeping the score tied at 3-3. David and Wilson took the first timeout at 3-3 to regroup. However, Waters and Johns regained their composure and slowly pulled away, eventually winning the game 11-5.

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Key Stats and Match Highlights

  • Waters and Johns won a significant portion of total points (86.4% compared to David and Wilson’s 13.6%).
  • David and Wilson used 4 timeouts throughout the match.
  • The longest point streak was only 5 points by Waters and Johns in the first game.

Looking Ahead to the Finals

With this win, Waters and Johns advance to Sunday’s PPA North Carolina Cup Mixed Doubles Pro Main Draw finals. They will face Tina Pinsik and Dekel Bar. Stay tuned with us and see the live action on pickleballtv.