Waters & Johns win it with a sweep

Anna Leigh Waters and Ben Johns solidified their dominance in mixed doubles with a convincing 11-2, 11-7, 11-9 win over fourth-seeded siblings Jorja and JW Johnson. The victory marked their sixth title of the year together, further cementing their status as the team to beat in the sport.

The Johnsons started the match with a strategic twist, swapping sides to put Jorja on the left and JW on the right. The move was likely intended to catch Waters and Johns off guard, but the top seeds were unfazed. “I think in the first two games, we felt pretty comfortable with that change just because it’s more of a new thing for them than it is for us because neither one of them is playing those sides super commonly in gender doubles,” Johns explained.

Waters and Johns quickly adapted to the unusual lineup and took the first game in just over 10 minutes. Their dominance continued into the second game, where they faced a brief challenge from the Johnsons. JW and Jorja jumped out to a 6-2 lead, but Waters and Johns responded with an impressive nine-point streak to claim the game and push for the title.

Waters & Johns win it with a sweep! 🏆

In the final game, the Johnsons reverted to their usual sides, but Waters and Johns maintained their momentum. The match was tightly contested, with both teams giving it their all. In the end, Waters and Johns emerged victorious, securing the match 11-9 and their sixth title of the year together.

The win marked another milestone in the illustrious careers of Waters and Johns, who have established themselves as one of the most formidable teams in the sport. Their dominance shows no signs of slowing down, and fans can expect to see more exciting matches from this dynamic duo in the future.