Tara Bernstein's Engagement Ring

Hunter Fieri designed fiancée Tara Bernstein’s engagement ring with her pickleball career in mind, exclusively shared with PEOPLE for a personalized touch.

“My life aspires to undertake this journey of love only once, and when that moment arrives, it has to be nothing short of perfection,” shares Hunter Fieri, the eldest son of renowned chef Guy Fieri, as he discusses the thought and care that went into crafting the custom engagement ring for his fiancée, Tara Bernstein.

Hunter Fieri Says He Designed Fiancée Tara Bernstein’s Engagement Ring with Pickleball in Mind

In a conversation with PEOPLE about their love story, the 27-year-old Hunter reveals that meticulous consideration went into every detail of the ring, driven by his desire for it to be truly “perfect.” As the couple openly discussed their desire to marry, Hunter took note of Tara’s preferences by exploring various ring options. Subsequently, he collaborated with a close friend, a seasoned designer, to create a bespoke ring that would symbolize the depth of his affection for her.

“I firmly believe in making this commitment just once in life, and when that moment comes, it must be flawless,” Hunter emphasizes about the custom sparkler. “So, I fashioned a ring for her that, in my view, epitomizes my profound love for her.” Yet, the ring wasn’t only a manifestation of his love for Tara; it also incorporated a thoughtful consideration of her passion for pickleball.

Hunter shared with the designer, a long-time friend, that the ring should be durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of pickleball, expressing, “With pickleball, the goal is never to take it off.” Consequently, the designer crafted a slightly thicker band and crown, ensuring the ring could endure the occasional impact from a ball or paddle. It reflects Hunter’s commitment to making the ring as enduring as their love.

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However, Hunter acknowledges that certain activities, like going to a water park or the ocean, might necessitate temporarily removing the ring. Tara concurs, adding, “Yeah, I don’t want to lose it.” Hunter affirms his commitment to perfection: “You’re dealing with someone who’s perfect. It’s got to be perfect.”

Despite the meticulous attention to detail, the couple, engaged just last month, asserts that the symbol of their love matters more than the material. Hunter playfully suggests that even a candy ring could bring joy to Tara, though he quickly clarifies he would never opt for such a substitute. Tara agrees, emphasizing the sentimental meaning behind the gesture.

During their interview on a pickleball court, the couple also shares insights into their serendipitous meeting. Hunter attributes their connection to the Super Bowl, where he attended his father’s Flavortown Tailgate. Tara, also present at the tailgate, crossed paths with Hunter when he helped record a video for her. Their initial encounter may have been brief, but fate intervened as they coincidentally met again at concessions during the game.

Standing by a ketchup and mustard stand, they engaged in a deep conversation, forging a connection that quickly blossomed. The Super Bowl halftime show passed them by as they lost track of time, engrossed in each other’s company. About a week and a half after the Super Bowl, they officially started dating, and nine months later, they joyfully embarked on their engagement journey.

Reflecting on the proposal, Hunter recalls feeling nervous and happy, while Tara fondly remembers being brought to tears by the beautiful moment. Tara said, “It was just really, really beautiful.” As they look forward to a lifetime together, the couple cherishes the meaningful connection that brought them together against the backdrop of a Super Bowl celebration.

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