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The dates and formats for the 2024 MLP by Margaritaville Premier Level and Challenger Level Drafts have been announced:

  • Premier Level Draft: This draft will use a dynamic bidding process and will be held at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, April 2nd.
  • Challenger Level Draft: This draft will follow a snake format and will be held at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, April 3rd.

Premier Level Draft

The upcoming Premier Level Draft for MLP by Margaritaville promises to be a thrilling event! Here’s a closer look at the unique format:

  • Remote Draft: Teams will participate virtually, vying for the best players.
  • 48 Players Selected: Each of the 12 teams will draft four players, creating balanced rosters with two men and two women.
  • The Bidding War: Teams will have a set budget to spend on bids for draft picks. The team with the highest bid for a particular slot gets to choose first!
  • First Come, First Served (Almost): Teams can submit multiple bids for the same slot, but only the highest offer wins.
  • Picking Your Star: After securing a slot with their winning bid, the team gets three minutes to select any player they want from the remaining pool.
  • Repeat Until Full: This bidding and selection process repeats for each draft pick until all 48 players are chosen and all teams have their complete rosters.
MLP By Margaritaville 2024 Premier Level And Challenger Level Draft Dates And Formats Announced
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Challenger Level Draft 

The Challenger Level Draft for MLP by Margaritaville offers a different approach to building teams:

  • Going Remote: Just like the Premier Level, this draft will be conducted virtually.
  • Expanded Rosters: Teams will draft 72 players in total, with six per team (three men and three women). This allows for more flexibility in creating lineups and making substitutions during events, a first for the league.
  • The Snake Strikes Back: The draft order will follow a snake format. This means the order reverses after each round, giving all teams a chance to grab top picks throughout the draft.
  • Draft Day Decisions: Draft slots will be assigned randomly a week before the event. Teams will have three minutes to make their pick when their turn comes up.

MLP by Margaritaville: Where Pickleball Meets Paradise

MLP was founded in 2021 and found the perfect partner in Margaritaville in December 2022. This sponsorship brings the Margaritaville spirit of fun and relaxation to the world of professional pickleball. Follow Major League Pickleball at its official website for more information.