Lea Jansen competing at the Veolia Houston Open

Lea Jansen dominated Samantha Parker in the Veolia Houston Open Women’s Singles Final, winning the match in straight sets (11-3, 11-2) on April 14th, 2024.


Jansen took charge right from the start. Jansen displayed exceptional control throughout the game, keeping Parker on the defensive most of the time. Parker struggled to find a rhythm against Jansen’s powerful serves and precise drive. A timeout at 6-1 couldn’t help Parker regain momentum as Jansen closed out the set 11-3.


Parker tried to come back in the game, but Jansen maintained momentum into the second game. Her persistent focus and perfect shot execution kept Parker on the defensive. The final score remained 11-2, securing Jansen’s victory in the tournament.

“After Desert Ridge, I kind of had to take a long look in the mirror—both on and off the court—and I’ve made many changes to be here,” she said while talking with pickleballtv. “It’s been a hard journey, but I’m happy for it.”

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It was a fantastic day for Jansen. She won the Women’s Singles Pro Main Draw and got a bronze medal in women’s doubles with Tina Pisnik earlier today. It was the perfect end to Samantha Parker’s awesome week.