Tina Pisnik and Dekel Bar competing at the Indoor USA Championships

Bar and Pisnik defeated Sock and Parenteau in the quarterfinal today at the PPA Tour North Carolina Cup women’s mixed double in the three games with a final score (11-1, 10-12, 12-10). Here’s a detailed breakdown of the match:

Game 1

Pisnik and Bar dominated the serve, winning many points off their service games. There were several long rallies, with the longest one lasting 8 points. Sock and Parenteau struggled to break Pisnik and Bar’s serve. Pisnik and Bar took an 11-1 lead early on and dominated the opening game.

Game 2

The match became more competitive in the second set. There were more breaks of serve, with both teams struggling to hold serve consistently. Sock and Parenteau capitalized on Pisnik and Bar’s unforced errors. The set went back and forth before Sock and Parenteau eventually claimed victory 12-10.

Game 3

Pisnik and Bar regained their composure in the third set. They served well again and broke Sock and Parenteau’s serve early on. Sock and Parenteau took a medical timeout at 5-4, but it did not slow down Pisnik and Bar. Pisnik and Bar finished the match by winning 12-10 in the third set.

Key Stats

  • Winners: Tina Pisnik & Dekel Bar (13 seed)
  • Losers: Jack Sock & Catherine Parenteau (6 seed)
  • Game 1: 11-1 (Pisnik & Bar)
  • Game 2: 12-10 (Sock & Parenteau)
  • Game 3: 12-10 (Pisnik & Bar)

“Jack is super dangerous, and he has a lot of firepower. Catherine is super solid, so we had to play smart and get aggressive when we needed to,” said Bar while talking to Pickleballtv. “It got close there and we’re glad we pulled it out.”

“We gave you guys a show,” said Pisnik with a smile as the crowd cheered them on. Now, attention turned to the upcoming semifinals, where they will face Todd Fought and Maggie Brascia.