Anna Leigh Waters holding a trophy at mesa arizona

Anna Leigh Waters, the current World No. 1, won another gold medal at the Mesa Arizona Cup on Sunday, defeating Mary Brascia with scores of 11-0 and 11-8.

After facing a tough defeat in the opening game, Brascia made some adjustments and entered the next round with a new strategy.

Anna Leigh Waters is playing pickleball in mesa arizona
Anna Leigh Waters Is Playing Pickleball

But Waters was determined not to give her opponent a chance to stage a comeback and turn the match around.

“I let my guard down a bit, and she was playing well,” Waters said. “I started to move away a little bit from my game plan. I’m sure my mom wasn’t thrilled watching from the sidelines.”

Fortunately, everything turned out well for Waters.

“In the end, I stayed mentally strong. I tried to stay focused and avoid letting my mind wander too much,” Water’s clarified.

Anna Leigh Waters wins Gold with Ben Johns in Mixed Doubles

Anna Leigh Waters and Ben Johns holding a trophy at Mesa Arizona Cup
Mesa Arizona Cup

Earlier in the day, Waters and Ben Johns secured gold in mixed doubles with an 11-4, 11-1, 11-9 victory over Vivienne David and Thomas Wilson.