Anna Leigh Waters Takes Gold in Women's Single

Anna Leigh Waters, the number one seed, faced off against Parris Todd, the No. 14 seed, in an epic battle on Championship Sunday. Todd, who had previously upset the No. 2 seed, Catherine Parenteau, put up a fierce fight, but Waters’ unmatched comeback abilities secured her victory. Anna Leigh Water won the final match and secured her 26th title, and her final score was 12-10, 10-12, and 11-5.

“I had the shakes in game one, I couldn’t hit a shot and I was very nervous,” Waters said

Anna Leigh Waters was in trouble in the first game against Parris Todd. But Waters didn’t give up. She kept fighting and managed to win her first game. Waters won 12-10 in game one. 

“Parris played amazing, she’s been playing amazing all week. She beat some tough opponents to get here.  And I haven’t played her in a while. So, it was definitely fun to see some new strategy,” said Waters. 

Parris Todd refused to back down, countering Anna Leigh Waters’ attacks and taking game two 12-10. This intense victory propelled the match into a thrilling third game, with the crowd buzzing in the Georgia sunshine. The electric atmosphere reflected the high stakes, as both players prepared to give it their all in the decisive final game.

“Parris plays singles a lot different than most people on tour. She doesn’t come to the net as much and Parris and I play pretty similarly. It was kind of like a battle of the tennis style of play on the pickleball court,” said Waters.  

Anna Leigh Waters emerged victorious in the third game, winning 11-5 and securing the match. Waters continues on her dominating run, with a perfect 26-0 record on Championship Sunday in women’s singles. Her dominance and skill continue to impress, solidifying her position as a force to be reckoned with in the world of pickleball.